Why the balance exercises are so critical?


Balance is the ability of our body to maintain steadiness. We will use the term “balance” to denote not only physical, but also mental qualities of the man allowing concentration of attention.

Why the balance exercises are so critical?

There are no doubts as regards existence of close relationship between the ability of the physical body to keep concentration and self control with the mental capacities allowing concentration and ordering of thoughts.

Why the “balance” exercises are so important then? The thing is that our body maintains balance first of all thanks to the corpus muscles, i.e. the deep-rooted muscles responsible for stabilization (holding) of our back bone.  The build-up of the corpus stabilizing muscles is critical first of all for the reason that they are directly responsible for the health of our back bonewithout which the man is unable to carry out any physical activity at all.

  • “Strong center” – is the key to the success of any workout, as well as the guaranty of our physical good look (attractive body posture) and prevention of any bodily injuries (any exercise performed with concentration of the “center” is much more safe).

Such habitual activities as jogging or muscle-strengthening exercises only partially contribute to the enforcement of the stabilization muscles, and they are definitely insufficient for the development of the balancing capabilities of our body. Therefore, don’t forget to include into your workout schedule individual exercises for development of the stabilizing muscles! They include, first and foremost, the functional training exercises. Try to start with the following two exercises:

1. Bending body standing on one foot. Preparatory position: stand on one foot (the other leg’s knee raised to the chest), hands up. Bend the trunk, touch the floor with the hands, then straighten the leg bent in the knee and retract it backwards. Make 15-20 bendings on each foot.

2. Retraction of arms and legs in plank. Preparatory position: full plank. Smoothly and slowly move each arm straight forward (one by one, taking them off the floor) – 16 movements in total. Do the same with the legs – smoothly, in turns, retract straightened legs, 16 repetitions. In the end: keep right arm and leg straightened for 10 seconds, change arms and legs – and keep left arm and leg straightened for 10 seconds. Repeat three times.

When making the “balance exercises” it is important that you:

  • Perform all movements very smoothly and slowly,
  • Ensure that your breathing is steady and deep,
  • Keep maximum (physical and mental) concentration on what you are doing