Top 10 Biggest Training Mistakes


In the question of training effectiveness for reaching fitness goals, you should avoid most widespread mistakes. We gathered here most common mistakes people make in the training process.

Top 10 Biggest Training Mistakes

Let’s agree that first of all you should enjoy the whole process and do that type of physical activity you like the most. In the process of the greatest transformation you shouldn’t compare yourself with a celebrity or expect to look like Victoria Secret Angel or Arnold in two months. You need to understand that your transformation involves your lifestyle features, obligations, and budgets to consider. So let’s see 10 mistakes that actually estrange you from the progress. 

1. Neglect goals and necessity of tracking the progress

You want a “beach body” or just to “toned up”? Well it’s a great start, but the first step to your dream is a strict specific countable goal and a plan. Decide what exactly you want to achieve and till when: to lose 10 pounds in 10 week or to make arm muscle bigger in 3 inches till October. Write down your goals and think over step-by-step plan which will help you to achieve it. Track you goals every week and month to month. Record everything in your workout: the exercises you did, the weight you used, how many reps you did, etc. It will clarify if you should work harder and what stopping you. 

Fitness Mistakes TOP 1

2. Train too frequently, too hard, too long

When you want to reach the goal faster, you start to do everything with incredible enthusiasm (especially for the first monthJ). But very long or very frequent training won’t help you to become thinner or stronger. Your body needs a proper rest period after training to recover which will make the muscles grow and give you a power to progress next time. If you train every day or more than two hours (or both) you sap your physique changes, risk to have injuries and get bored too soon before even seeing the changes. If you don’t allow your body to fully recuperate and rebuild, your efforts will not be paid off beneficial dividends. In addition, the increased release of the stress hormone cortisol destroys the muscle for prolonged energy intake, which is a negative effect. When you work out it takes about 48 hours for fiber to heal and fully recover, regenerate and grow, so it’s not recommended to do high intensity exercises more than three times a week or longer than 1,5 hours.

Fitness Mistakes TOP 2

3. Staying in your comfort zone 

If you start to work out on a consistent basis, after a while you can notice that it’s easier for you to do exercises, your muscles stop gaining or you stop losing fat, and nothing changes for months. It means you work in your comfort zone. Maybe you have a fear of injuries, but lifting 3 kilos month by month give you nothing. Add extra set or weight slightly, increase speed or duration of training. By making workout more challenging you will see progress. 

4. Never change your training routine

To make physique changes in your body you need to give it stress, challenge your muscles to work against new stress then your body will re-strengthen itself, force muscles to adapt and improve, it is called “supercompensation.” If you don’t change anything you just get used to the certain load and your body reaches a plateau. You could become more enduring, but you just won’t get into your jeans or see pumps. That’s why you should also vary the weight and tempo of the exercise for additional training stimulus.

Fitness Mistakes TOP 3

5. Start with too much weight

Well this is a problem for newbies. Lifting too heavy too soon to see fast results we sacrifice perfect form, get bad habits and injuries that could throw you from your workouts for weeks. An inadequate load prohibits the physiological adaptations within the body, which are essential to safely increase the weight load. How to know your boundaries: do not increase the weight until you can perform two or more reps over your normally quantity. Increase your weights or number of repetition for 10% every week.

Fitness Mistakes TOP 4

6. Train just one body part or do one type of exercises

The desire to increase just your chest or glutes will create an unhealthy asymmetry in your body that could lead to injury. You can become one of those guys who "missed leg days ". This problem is similar to avoiding exercises you don’t like or you have trouble with. You need to train the whole body and all muscle groups to be healthy, strong and attractive. 

 Fitness Mistakes TOP 5

7. Too long break

Waiting too long before getting into your next set can diminish training intensity, cool muscles and crush your pump. Shorter rest periods help you to burn more fat, build more muscle and to lean physique sooner. Rest no longer than 60-90 seconds between sets. 

Fitness Mistakes TOP 6

8. Long cardio for more fat loss

Spending hours on cardio and skipping the weights to lose weight is easy but not effective. Too long-intense cardio without adding straight training decreases metabolic rate, so you simply stop losing your pounds (read more about it in “What’s Wrong with Cardio”). Weights should be done for the main course, and cardio after that for 20-40 minutes. It helps to torch calories and burn just fat, because after resistance training your muscle uses all glycogen and starts to burn serious fat. 

Fitness Mistakes TOP 7

9. Ignoring proper exercises form and skimping warm-ups

It’s obvious, but you need to do appropriate form of exercises to see any progress and to avoid injuries. There is a temptation to cheat and do easier movements, but why did you come to the gym? Focus on the safe performance of fundamental movements and you won’t receive trauma when you add volume and intensity. Don’t be shy, ask someone more knowledgeable to help you, otherwise you risk to make the entire training process useless. We have included the warm-up here because it is also often neglected which leave you on the brink of injury. Your muscles, soft-tissues, and joints should be prepared to work. While you are warming up your body temperature increases, joints lubricate, the nervous system excites, and you improve movement capacity. 

Fitness Mistakes TOP 8

10. Skipping training

Consistency is the secret for an amazing body. Most people do not like the fact that to get the results you need time, regularity and to respect the hard work. Do not give up, stick to the plan and eventually you’ll reach the desired. It is foolish to wait for the result, if you train when you want. Don’t skip workouts if you are feel tired, sore, or lazy. You made a commitment to yourself. Start slowly with 1-2 training session a week, don’t rush. It’s a better way to get amazing results.  Follow your plan until it’s time to reassess your progress. Don’t give up before your body has a chance to change. It can take up to 2-3 months for your body to change and to respond to what you're doing in the gym. Don’t try to measure your results with a number on the scale, it won’t show you lean muscle mass, water weight, or body fat. Pay attention on how your clothes fit you or if your workout is easier to do for you. Just keep doing and you will change! 

Fitness Mistakes TOP 9