Special NY’s 20 Day ABS Challenge


It’s already today that FAS Workout announces the new challenge - “Special NY’s 20 Day ABS Challenge”!

Are you ready to make yourself fit? Do you want to attract some eyes with nice and crispy abs by the New Year Eve? However, you might need to sweat a bit to get that. See how it happens...

Special NY’s 20 Day ABS Challenge

You take those tasty bunnies and share with your nice looking friends - same story happens to chocolates, candies, and all those good tasting sweets - let’s make it special for yourself only when you reach the goal.

Use FAS Workout App to ignite the right feeling and rhythm. It beats the floor! / It beats the hell! 

The key specialty of the Challenge is in time limits set to make the exercise. You’ll have to seriously take efforts to make it in time. And if you cannot cope with that just do the burpees and send us a photo with you showing your new abs:)

And, now to those boring figures: 

  • 18 training days / 2 days of rest (and no additional sugars, babe!)
  • More than 20 dynamic and static exercises 
  • More than 1000 repetitions

Feeling bad? And cozy to begin with? Yeah - eat that creamy pie, add some kilos, and then hit it with us! Boil the endorphins! Make your mama feel proud of you!

Video for everyday look on: Facebook page and FAS Workout Youtube Channel