Ruffier Test


If you starting a new part of life connected with sport, we strongly recommend you to measure your fitness level. It helps not just to determine how strong or weak you are, but indicate with what kind of intensity you will need to exercise and the level of load you can withstand with no risk to the health. 


Ruffier Test

Such kind of tests, like this one, is also suitable for those who made a long break in training, or who want to track increase of your performance (for example, the heart health dynamics). For these purpose we use the Ruffier test.  By using functional Ruffier test you can set the state of the cardiovascular system and readiness of organism for load. Ruffier test is so simple you can make it at home in 3 steps.

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1) Measure the heart rate for 15 seconds in the sitting position after 5 minutes of rest with the stopwatch or clock and record the results. It will be index S1.
2) Then you’ll need to do 30 squats in 45 sec. After this exercise immediately measure the heart rate. That’s your index S2.
3) Take a rest for a minute. Calm down with a deep breath and measure your pulse again for 15 seconds. This value will be your index S3.

To calculate the Ruffier test use next formula RI = [(S1 + S2 + S3) - 200]/10
Now you can evaluate your results of the Ruffier functional test


Index value

The characteristics of organism functional condition

till 3,0

You are in an excellent shape

3,1 – 6,0

You have good functional condition

6,1 - 10

Your physical shape is satisfactory

10,1 - 14

You have poor physical condition

over 14,1

You are weakened, you need recreation, and it may indicate heart failure, so you should consult your doctor