Oxygen Training: why street is better than gym?


Many of you must have been in the situation when you realized that your physical and emotional condition after a run in a gym was significantly different than after training in the open air. Why so? 

Oxygen Training: why street is better than gym?

Of course, the reason is in the oxygen, thanks to which we receive:

  • More energy / forces: during the workout, the organism needs more energy, which it replenishes from its reserves of glucose and fats. The reserves of energy are replenished with direct participation of the oxygen, i.e. the more oxygen we receive, the more energy our body receives. The faster we run and the higher we jump over the obstacles, the lower will be our “pushup” on the green :) 
  • Less fat: whereas the fat is a kind of “fuel” for our body, the additional oxygen available outside helps more effectively “burn”, break up this fuel during the workout. This statement is supported by the fact of origination of separate schools of fitness involving supply of additional oxygen to the body (Body Flex), and the development of sport food products, such as oxygen shakes, for the sportsmen.


  • Fast recovery: the more we load our muscles, the more energy the body needs for their rehabilitation both during and after the workout. Experiencing lack of oxygen during the workout (in a stuffy gym, for example), the sportsman gets tired faster, the nutritives reach the body cells slower, and, as a result, the rehabilitation occurs later. Go for training in the open air! Have a walk and breath in the open air after the workout, and you will experience new fit of energy instead of fatigue 
  • More effective training: it is proven that a run in a park is 15% more efficient than that on the race track. The same assertion is true in respect of other types of exercises. And all this happens thanks to the oxygen. We inflict less harm to our muscles (the body consumes more “fuel” from the fats, not from the muscles), thus raising our tolerance, because strong muscles more capable of rehabilitation become stronger after each exercise! You should obligatory add a couple of rounds of muscle-strengthening exercises to the run outside to work out all groups of muscles: keep in mind that only combination of the cardiac and heaving exercises will allow you to achieve the desired result.
  • More endorphins (excellent mood): the more oxygen is contained in the blood, the more active is our lymphatic system, and the faster the organism gets rid of the toxins and ejaculates into blood natural pain killers and endorphines. The higher content of those “hormones of happiness” in blood improves our mood, we get more fun from the workout and, last but not least, we want to repeat it afterwards!

And don’t be discouraged by the nasty weather – good choice of clothes and self determination will help you pull yourself together and leave the house no matter what, but after the “oxygen training” your mood and physical condition will be just excellent!