FAS Workout Stretching. Part 2.


The next 5 days we'll show you the options of stretching different muscle groups and talk about advantages which gives us this kind of activity.

Let's start!

FAS Workout Stretching. Part 2.

Day 6 Stretching of legs

Our stretching exercises do not take much time. As you should have noticed sometimes you want to stay a little longer in some point of the exercise. Today we will stretch the back of the leg and the side surface of the thighs. Do not worry if you can not straighten your right leg! Leave it bent gradually and slowly with breathing out and exhalation, straightening it. You definitely do it!

And stretching fact #6:practice of stretching helps to control the body better.

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Day 7 Stretching of legs

2 minutes of simple exercises help us to enjoy the possibility of our  body and to calm our mind :-)
Ensure that you are bending from the hip, if you can reach your toe, gently pull it back towards you. Hold all position for 20-30 seconds.

Stretching fact #7: regular exercise increases the flexibility, development your stability, elasticity of muscles, tendons and ligaments.
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Day 8 Stretching of legs

The key to success during any stretching exercises is the correct and calm breathing. Breathe deeply, do not try to lie down as quickly as possible. The main thing is to feel your muscles stretch in the legs. Try not to hunch your back.

Stretching fact #8: it is the best kind of fitness for older people, it helps to be active and mobile!
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Day 9 Stretching of legs

The inner side of the thigh also needs our attention. This area takes in our course a special place, as it lends itself to the development of particularly hard.

Stretching fact #9: iIncreased blood flow to the muscles, which are involved as a consequence, it enhances the development and recovery of muscles after exercise.
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Day 10 Stretching of chest|back|oblique

The last day of our program of stretching! Just one minute of this exercise will work properly with the muscles of the back, chest and press. Just a couple of moves and you are cheerful and full of energy.

Stretching fact #10:this sequence of exercise reduces the risk of injury in a different range of motion. So let's stretch!

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