FAS Workout Stretching. Part 1.


“FAS Workout” launches short ten-day course of stretching. We want to show that stretching is not just really necessary part of training, but also a useful and enjoyable ;-)

FAS Workout Stretching. Part 1.

The 10 days we'll show you the options of stretching different muscle groups and talk about advantages which gives us this kind of activity. Let's start! #fasstretchingdays

Day 1. Stretching of back|chest|shoulders

Today we decided to work with upper body to show you how easy and pleasant could be stretching. You don’t need any equipment: you can try it at home on the carpet after long work day.

Stretching fact #1: If you have a sedentary job or inactive way of life, even these short exercises for flexibility, improve your condition, and add cheerfulness.

Day 2. Stretching of back|oblique

Let's sit on the floor cross-legged and drawn forward. Stretching of the back muscles helps to relieve stress after a hard day or workout. Drag on to the right and to the left: the abdominal muscles also in need of attention.

Stretching fact #2: flexibility exercises also have fat burning effect!

Day 3. Stretching of hand|neck

Have you also noticed that stretching is very meditative activity? It calms and relaxes. Therefore, we simply can not ignore the parts of the body such as the neck and arms. We are working with the external and internal parts of the hand from the forearm to the elbow, with the hands, and then gently pull the neck down.
Stretching fact #3: proper stretching exercises, contributes to balancing the body!

Day 4. Stretching of legs

Flexibility exercises improve muscle shape, so today we will proceed  leg stretching.  Different kind of lunges (forward, backward, side to side), lean to right and left les, to the straight legs: all these slow movements help to improve blood flow and gives you both pleasure  and also elastic skin.

Stretching fact #4: Stretching the buttocks muscles, thigh biceps, help to strengthen the back muscles also!

Day 5. Stretching of legs

Today's exercise is especially interesting in terms of feelings, because you stretch the upper and inner thighs. It would not be easy, but gradually leaning forwardбyou will feel pleasant stretch and flow of warmth, which will have a positive effect on your mood :-)

Moreover, stretching fact #5 strengthening work on stretching the leg muscles in the pelvic area stimulates the sexual function. So let's stretch;-)