5 reasons to love the Burpees!


The burpee is one of basic exercises, which includes a deep squat, plank position, low push-up (the chest touches the ground, the elbows are pointed backwards) and jump up. There are many variants of this exercise; all depends on your preferences and fitness level. It is important to know that there are at least 5 reasons to love this exercise and to include it into your training.

5 reasons to love the Burpees!

1. The burpee is one of the most all-round exercises, as it involves all main muscle groups of our body. This enables to make a full-scale training on the basis of burpee, for example:

  • Repeat the maximum number of burpees during 30 seconds, take a 15 second rest and repeat 6-8 "sets" in the same way. And do not forget to make a good warming up before the "burpee race"!

2. The burpee is a universal exercise and fits any kind of training – use the burpee as a cardio or strength exercise depending on your purposes, for example:

  • As the cardio exercise: insert 12-15 burpees (in a high tempo, without pauses, with compulsory jumping up) in between the strength exercise "sets" and you will get excellent interval training!
  • As the strength exercise: take a pair of middle weight dumbbells in your hands and repeat several sets of 10-12 burpees, raising the dumbbells during standing up instead of jumping. 

3. Due to its high intensity the burpee is a record breaker as to the amount of calories burned per minute! Add the burpee to your training and you will feel how your metabolism accelerates, you feel yourself better and your physical fitness and endurance improves:

  • Set a goal to do 30 burpees a day during morning exercises or main training. Make pauses, but achieve doing 30 repetitions. Note the time (the one during which you will do 30 burpees during the first day). Try to improve your time result during the first month of regular "30 burpees".

4. The burpee is the best friend of a beautiful and athletic body! Being one of the most all-round, universal and high intensity exercises, the burpee is done with a high heart rate and requires a maximum amount of energy from the organism. In this case the organism usually uses not only glycogen (a carbohydrate stored by our organism) as an energy source, but also the deposit fat stores – which enable to get a lean and athletic figure!

  • Keep a "low-carb diet" during days without training and you will see result much quicker.

5. Believe it or not, but the fact is that: “30 daily burpees” as morning exercises will improve your mood and create a surge of energy for a whole day! We recommend: use the burpee as “a remedy against bad mood”, when you want to quarrel with someone – only 30 burpees will help you to chill down your “fury” and think over if it is worth spoiling the mood for yourself and those who are around you!

So, Keep calm – do burpee!;)