10 Jogging Benefits


Jogging is a really magical form of running. It has so many benefits like no other exercise does.
Jogging is a form of aerobic endurance training in a leisurely pace; it’s a slow running performed over long distances.

10 Jogging Benefits

What distinguishes jogging from running?
Jogging requires less effort from your heart, lungs and muscles, it is performed in a low intensity, which assumes lower level of overall fitness, but at the same time helps your body to stay strong, healthy and lose weight in a very safe mode. We receive benefits from jogging program when we do it regularly in a light safe form, meaning slow moderate pace. So what are they?

1. Endurance Improving
When you are jogging your body does aerobic training, which means more oxygen to your body it helps you to find more energy and improve endurance.

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2. Improving Cardiovascular System
While you are jogging, your oxygen consumption increases with each breath and your cardiovascular system (heart muscles, veins and capillaries) delivers oxygen more properly and improves circulation. Your heart will work better, because the strength of the heart muscle, it will drop your pulse rate and improve capacity. A lower resting pulse rate benefits your heart because the only time your heart rests is during the interval between the beats. The fewer beats, the longer the rest between them.

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3. Reducing Blood Pressure
This paragraph follows from the previous one. Aerobic fitness helps all your organs work better with the greater amount of oxygen. So, it reduces the risk of blood pressure and the likelihood of heart attacks, kidney disease. Your heart becomes stronger, so it needs less effort to pump your blood. That’s why your blood pressure gets lower.

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4. Improving sleeping
It’s all about oxygen that saturates your blood and cells, makes them work better and gives you overall balance. It makes you sleep better and recover properly, which helps to avoid overtraining.

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5. Preventing Cancer
Cells, that receive appropriate supply of oxygen mutate less vigorously, so it helps to prevent some cancers.

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6. Mental Health Benefits and Stress Fighting
As happy hormones (endorphins, norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine) are released into your body you become happier and calmer after jogging. It gives you stress relief and causes an upbeat attitude after jogging. You become peaceful, with a better sense of confidence and self-esteem. It also affords distract from concerns, releases tension and counteracts depression.

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7. Stronger Bones
With jogging your bones overall become stronger and dense because of the constant impact during running. It means your skeleton keeps your organs and muscles properly despite tension increase.

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8. Muscular Development
You use many muscle groups while jogging:  the large muscle of your lower legs, large lower muscle of the body including the hip flexors, gluteus, quadriceps, and hamstrings, hip abductors and hip adductors, torso muscles and arm muscles are engaged also. Regular jogging makes your muscle develop naturally; you look lean and toned, but strong. It doesn’t contribute to massive muscle building, but increases its strength.

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9. Weight loss
We kept this paragraph till the end because it is natural consequence of the previous improvements.  While you are jogging you improve your cardiovascular and respiratory system, oxygenate your blood and organs, improve overall capacity, and develop muscle and bones.  All that helps your body function really properly, because the entire are processes established and stay in a harmony. Nothing prevents you from losing weight. Muscles support demands a bigger amount of energy, that’s why your metabolism increases. Your new strong muscle requires more energy than ever, so you burn more and more calories. Moreover, slow jogging uses fat as fuel of energy at first, and just than carbs. So while you’re training your muscle, your fat is burning. Jogging increases metabolism and function of digestive system, which helps you to lose more weight. Your stubborn belly fat (the hardest to get rid of) is also vanishing faster because of jogging.
Your body transforms: even if you don’t lose many kilograms at first, you’ll see you fit in smaller clothes. This occurs because muscle weight is more than that of the fat, but muscle sculpts your body and makes it proportional. If you consume fewer calories you have spent during the day you will lose weight. But jogging helps you to do it faster: you’ll burn approximately 250 calories in a half-hour jog and about 500 calories after one hour. You can burn 1 pound (3,500 calories) of fat by jogging in about a week. Jogging every day and reducing calories on 250 will help you lose 1/2 to 1 pound more each week.

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10. Social Benefits
Jogging also helps you to socialize, make new friends and be part of a great running community. You are not just training with the group of people: you receive an opportunity to meet new interesting people who help each other to become a better person. So you can jog together, share your experience and keep yourself motivated with such group support.

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Regular jogging improves all your body and makes you lose weight. It also makes you manage depression and anxiety, look younger (by reversing some of the adverse effects of stress that are aging related), become more self-confident and increase longevity. You don’t need to be of a certain age, sex, have high fitness level or even special shoes for jogging. Jogging gives you a “positive addiction” and a great shape!

Before starting a jogging program see your doctor for a survey.