The best food for recovering after training: yoghurt or a steak?


What happens with our body after intensive training? Our muscles feel tired and ruin – we are “building” and recovering them only by means of proper nutrition.

The best food for recovering after training: yoghurt or a steak?

Also our organism must recover its water-electrolytic balance (important microelements, reserves of which are reducing) and energy lost during training. It is also known that after intensive training our immunity (ability of an organism to stand against viruses) declines.

To “repair” our muscles it is better to have at first food rich with amino acids, which are a construction material for muscles protein fibers. For example, such an important amino acid for muscles recovering as glutamine can be partially destroyed under heat treatment. American scientists based on results of experiments with sportsmen recommend using dairy products of a low fat content instead of meat as first food after training. However nobody excludes the importance of a delicious steak for health and pleasure!

The point is that dairy products (they have to be of a low fat content) are soaked much better than meat, and this results in quicker muscles and the whole organism recovery after an active workout. Yet it is yoghurt, which is meant to be a “women” product and which is often forgotten by most men, is one of the best products for overcoming fatigue, recovering reserves of protein, calcium and potassium in the organism, as well as for strengthening immunity thanks to contents of healthful probiotics.

 When choosing yoghurt as a food after training, it is better to prefer low fat yoghurt (it will be better soaked), with high contents of protein (ideally – Greek yoghurt) and with short shelf life (such product really contains healthful lactic acid bacteria). To make the yoghurt tastier – add a handful of nuts or some fruits.