Paleo Diet


Nowadays, there is no need to put on the skin of a slain bear and go on hunting to enjoy some steak, like our ancestors did (thanks God). But achievements of the civilization saturated our ration with highly processed ready-made food, composed of a plurality of complex components. Synthetic food components do not provide proper nutrition to our cells and raise blood sugar level. That’s why you experience food cravings and as a result become food addicted and ongoing fatigue.

Paleo Diet

This new old paleo approach is based on natural nutrition content instead of degraded poor quality processed food. You should exclude all junk food modern humans consume like cookies, bars, sweets, sodas, chips, all of no nutritional value products that affect to weight excess and health problems. Because one of the main cause of autoimmune disorder, diabetics, and cardiovascular disease is the wide spread of industrialized food to which contemporary people didn’t have enough time to completely adapt.

Paleo diet offers us to return to our past, to Paleolithic Era, before agriculture and domestication of animals started, before marketers created factitious cravings with the help of all that publicity. So, the foundational pillars of this approach are simplicity and rejection of modern, processed and selectively bred food. Instead of it Paleo diet offers to consume products available to the cavemen, scilicet hunted or gathered food, like meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds.

It is similar to healthy eating that most dietitians recommend like focusing on whole real foods, but without all dairy, wheat and grains, legumes, starchy vegetables, processes oils and sugar. They weren’t at Paleolithic Era so you can forget about them now.

Paleo diet
Pros and Cons of Paleo diet
When we talks about dieting it’s always about pros and cons. But when it comes to the Paleo “new cavemen” say it’s more than just temporary weight-loss program, it’s a lifestyle. Let’s make clear what advantages brings this ancient nutrition system:

  • you don’t need to cunt calories or monitor food composition, use just allowed products;
  • you won’t be starving, there is no limits like one celery stick for lunch;
  • variety of healthy food does not look like deprivation;
  • all foods are rich in protein, good fats (like omega-3 fats), carbs, minerals, vitamins, fiber;
  • the large number of  protein and good-fat help manage your appetite;
  • Paleo diet controls your blood sugar levels because of absence of refined or high-sugar commercially made products;
  • you can build and support your muscles with the lean protein, lose fat and stay satisfied between meals in the meantime;
  • carbohydrate-rich sugary fruits (bananas, cherries, pineapples, mango, cantaloupe, watermelon) give you energy for highly intensive trainings and create an insulin spike after a lifting session;
  • you can ensure calories (if you need additional) with nuts and seeds;
  • lack of grains in Paleo diet plan is great for people who have gluten allergy;
  • it’s simple to cook Paleo diets meal;
  • and finally we have healthy nutrition effect benefits: burn off stored fat, balanced energy throughout, anti-inflammatory, clear skin, improving sleeping habits and weight loss.

Giving up modern foods is the scariest cons about Paleo diet. However, the decision to stop glut your body with no nutritional value food is worth it. One of the biggest issues that you may run into with Paleo diet approach is lack of protein sources for vegetarian such as quinoa, soy, lentils, chickpeas, and all other legumes. The second prejudice against Paleo is expensiveness. But it’s pretty controversial statement, because junk-food, despite its cheapness, not just stimulates you eat more portions your body needs, but lead to illnesses which have very expensive treatment or even may cost you a life.