No more fat


Here we are trying to ruin some myths about health, nutrition and trainings to make all your body transformation efforts truly effective. Now we will talk about all ways to remove fat from one specific body part. One of the most popular googled questions is “how to remove fat from belly/arms/legs”. Many sites propose you to make different exercises for your special naughty body part, but the truth is you can never remove fat just from one body part with specified exercises like crunches or lunges. Yes, it’s sad, but it physiology and now we explain why.

No more fat

Smart (and cruel) Mother Nature
Let’s talk about why and how fat accumulates in our body. When you eat more you need to (more calories you could burn in everyday activity) your body makes reserves in case of hunger. But choice of the part where fat will be settled caused by hormones.

For women it accumulates most often on the belly, thighs and buttocks, for men - on the belly and around the waist. This is explained by the number of insulin receptors in the cells of the body: in the abdomen for men (and on the hips for women) there are most of all insulin receptors, thus fat cells in this area are accumulated the most easily with the fat and protect themselves from the collapse in the cases when the body consumes it. Moreover, women fat stores keep more firmly because they needed to protect future baby in case of pregnancy. The percentage of essential body fat for women is greater than that for men because the hormone estrogen.

So women and men store and burn fat in different ways. Women use fat increasingly as an energy source for exercise compared to men. It makes exercises very important for women who want to get rid of fat, because, unfortunately, they burn less fat at the rest period. In addition, women stock up fat just under the skin (subcutaneously), while men stock up more visceral fat. Visceral fat is metabolically active and triggers the risk of cardiovascular disease and insulin resistance. And for women small amount of fat in the lower body is an indicator of good health and reduce the risk of heart disease. Nevertheless, women should be more careful to fat store on the abdomen because the rate of exchange reactions are lower than those for men.

Women get rid of fat from the upper body primarily, but this process for lower part is slower. As already stated, the female body stores fat primarily for carrying a child, but they also have a greater number of alpha receptors in this area than men. The combination of the alpha estrogen receptors inhibits fat loss.

Therefore it’s a bit easier to get rid of fat for men, because it does not subcutaneous, fat does not store for possible pregnancy, men have more beta-receptors proportionally and fat is burned more actively after the training. The main purpose of man is food extraction, which implies a high degree of functional ability and the musculoskeletal system. Due to this fact at the men body accumulates not the subcutis fat, but into deep inside and stomach looks huge and formless.So the most difficult part to get rid of the fat is in that area where fat deposition is hormonally and naturally dependent. From these areas fat will go most slowly.

Now it is clear that the fat goes first from where it is easier and then says goodbye to the place where he was reserved by years. You have noticed when you are dieting face, neck, chest, upper body becoming thinner and just then, after 2-3 months, it goes down to the glutes and legs. Fat is gradually utilized throughout the body. That’s why it is unable to reduce fat in one specified zone, even the muscles you pumped will be hidden under the fat and can make your volumes larger.


Fat, go away!
So now you know that just crunches wouldn’t help you to get rid of belly fat. You can even become bigger while doing lunges or squats. Therefore, fat will need to be removed with a combination approach: healthy nutrition and training. You may already know the main rules of healthy dieting, if not remind it yourself here. To burn serious fat reduce the proportion of carbohydrates in non-training days and eat a lot of slow carbs in those days, when you exercise. Try to make your metabolism "adjust" in a way that you can use fat for energy.

Now about important rules of training. You will need to combine aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Implementation of anaerobic exercises like weight training and sprint races will also help to optimize your metabolism. As you now just cardio will work for the first few weeks for fat burning, than you will need muscles to keep your metabolism high. |
Strength training not only increases energy consumption, but really affect to hormonal changes, as it increases the production of testosterone and secretion of growth hormone! And testosterone, like all the male hormones, has the property not only grow muscle, but also “burn” fat, which is what we needed. Adding the strength training to aerobic exercise caused a significant increase the total loss of body fat. Maintain optimal weight for men helps the significant amount of muscle mass, which allows quickly increase energy consumption and remove fat from the sides and belly.
High-intensity resistance training helps to stimulate the release of fat from the cells so that they can be used as an energy source after. Perform as high-intensity intervals on a treadmill, stationary bike or using push a loaded platform, aiming to influence the alpha-receptors and increase the burning of fat in the lower body. Include into your daily workout interval training, with the short periods of high intensity exercise. Try to run sprints with 30-second intervals during the run or use Tabata training.

Less stress
The last but very important thing for getting rid of fat is reducing the stress. Regular anxiety or concerns contribute to release stress hormones: cortisol, epinephrine. They not only make difficult to burn fat, but also promote the formation of new ones. The stress hormones make the heart beat faster, increase the power and efficiency of the brain. But body begins to convert stored fat rapidly into energy and increases the consumption of glucose. At the same time, stress hormones activate the processes of fat accumulation inside the abdomen, because unlike fat cells located closer to the surface of the body, they are provided with receptors that respond to the presence of these hormones in the blood. As a result, fat begins accumulate inside the body rapidly. Thus, regular stress in combination with a diet rich in fast carbohydrates and saturated fats cause a more rapid formation of belly fat than just an unbalanced diet. When stress increases the appetite, there is a need for a fat high-calorie food, causing increases glucose levels in the blood. For its normalization pancreas secretes a lot of insulin. Under the action of insulin body creates reserves of glucose in the liver, muscle, adipose tissue, while stopping the combustion process in the abdominal fat.
So there is no way to become better just with one part of the body. All the quality changes demand the balanced approach. Remember, to get rid of belly/arm/leg fat you need to determine such rules:

  1. Eat clean
  2. Drink a lot of water
  3. Do vigorous exercise (cardio, running, swimming laps, HIIT)
  4. Do weightexercise
  5. Try to reduce the stress


And remebber about good fat ;-)