FAS Workout App Guide

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After reading this article, you will not have any questions about using of "FAS Workout" Application. This information will help you achieve results!

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FAS Workout App Guide

  • Fitness Level

Before starting to use FAS Workout App determine your fitness level. We recommend starting with “Beginner” if you had your last workout more than 4 weeks ago. To measure your fitness level use Ruffier test.

  • Training Intensity

If you are a beginner and can’t exercise properly through whole workout we strongly recommend to reduce rate and increase pause between reps. It helps you to improve your stamina and training time with systematic approach.

  • Workout Combinations

Use different kinds of workouts to avoid muscles adaptations and training plateau. To get the best results exercise with the next method during two weeks (for example):

  • Training Frequency

Workout frequency depends on your physical condition. Overtraining is one of the main reasons for the lack of results.

  • Preparation for training

We recommend learn about intensity and duration of workout (look if there are supersets or static exercises) before starting.

  • Warm Up and Cool Down

You should begin your workout with a warm up and end with the cool down. Use running, jogging, jumping or have a look at our recommendations.

  • Training Techniques

Please, don’t try to do more reps to gain better result. The main goal is to do exercises correctly within a specified time. Exercise technique should not be distorted or deteriorate as a result of the race for the number of repetitions.

  • Drinking Regime

Keep yourself hydrated. Do not let yourself feel thirsty. Have a few mouthfuls of water after 2-3 exercises.

  • Active Rest

Stretch the muscles your work with after the workout ends.


  • Exercising Statistics

Write down quantity of exercise repetitions after workout (if it is needed). Some exercises are not intended to be account. Static exercises stored automatically in your stats.

  • Evaluating Complexity

We recommend rate the difficulty of workout at the end. Through the systematic exercising you will raise your physical performance (aerobic and anaerobic capacity, explosive power, coordination and agility) and with the help of account history and statistics you will see your progress. 

  • Heart Rate Monitor

FAS Workout recommends using a heart rate monitor throughout workout to control your condition and the heart rate zones.