FAS Workout App. Serious Approach to Mobile Fitness!

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Here in FAS Workout we believe that getting truly great results requires exerting maximum efforts.

For today most of the mobile fitness program is entertainment, veiled under the theory of high-intensity workouts: without purpose, patience, loads and effort, but with an allowance for yourself and the lack of results. 

As opposed FAS Workout App has serious approach to mobile fitness.

 FAS Workout App. Serious Approach to Mobile Fitness!

The creators of FAS Workout App are in love with sport and very passionate about what we do. That’s why we have tested all workouts you’ll see in the App. We know from the experience what kind of exercises really work, where right combination of muscle groups is used, in which sequences, how intensive workout should be to gain muscle or to lose weight, and of course how to make it all effective and not boring. We give special emphasis on functionality. Flexibility, stretching and endurance are an important moment for “sport” health of our user.

We don’t believe in low intensity 7-Minute training! We believe in serious approach to mobile fitness!

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FAS Workout App also cares about your training motivation that’s why we made time tracking for static and aerobic exercises.

The basis of our training system lies in the cyclical HIIT, and supersets with the minimal rest between sets of exercises which provides an effect even after workout.

Our professional coaches work with beginners, experienced people and professional sportsmen  and know how to help in your special situation with such problems as how to prepare for training, how to make your workout safe for your health and effective for your body. As you have more concerns and less time, our main goal is to optimize time and efficiency ratio.

Workouts at FAS are created to make you healthy and fit for daily activity, at any time, in any place.

All you need with FAS workouts is just you and your desire. With FAS Workout Application we want to make sport a pleasure and a lifestyle for a user. Give it a try and grasp an ease with us.