FAS Workout. Inspired at sports.

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The mission of FAS Workout is to educate people in physical culture. We believe that sports can inspire and motivate people to be better. That is why we've created and continuously develop the new product - the FAS Workout App - the innovative approach to healthy and effective training.

FAS Workout. Inspired at sports.

FAS Workout App creates optimal conditions for training everywhere and anytime. In a hotel room, on a business trip or at the wide gym on Saturday morning, using sport equipment or not, with friends or alone, when you have 15 minutes or 1 hour for training.We are always here in one click from you. We are FAS Workout App.

FAS Workout App doesn’t have unoriginal or borrowed workouts you may have seen earlier on the web. In FAS Workout App there is no low-intensity Tabata or another kind of workout which promises you magical body transformation after two trainings (in one week). Instead of it you can find the result of professional work with the main purpose of healthy training rather than just absence of fat in your belly.

FAS Workout App includes high quality effective exercises adapted to any fitness level. We have loyal approach to newcomers staying extremely demanding for advanced sportsmen.
We create our workouts based on your goals:

  • to lose weight:
  • to build muscles;
  • to build endurance;
  • to improve physical performance;
  • to increase and support muscle tone.

In FAS Workout we are testing our exercises sets by engaging people with different fitness level. We study the results carefully and take the feedback into consideration in the final version of workout. Only then we load adapted and approved workouts in FAS Workout App. Finally, we get the result we are proud of – FAS Workout Application.

In fact, being healthy is much easier than you can imagine. Just remember progress demands hard work. Keep your desire and stay motivated to achieve your ambitious goals, especially now when you have FAS Workout App.