Download the updated FAS Workout: Personal Functional Training and Tabata

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Hey, ya all! Check out the updates! Rush rush rush!

We are sharing here great news with you all, who like fitness and support yourself with healthy training programs! 

Download the updated FAS Workout: Personal Functional Training and Tabata

Firstly, we'd like to thank our user Mark Johnston for his feedback about inability of setting number of repeats in the latest exercise.

Mark, we have already fixed it and made possible for you all. Thank you again - we get better for you because you care about it!
It's all due to your ratings and feedbacks that we are making FAS Workout change for better on a daily basis!
We've added a functionality to skip an exercise.

We are not backing those light 7 minutes trainings! We propose effective exercises and a serious approach to correct timing of exercises!
In our TABATA sets you get the most energetic exercises you can only think of.
That's only how we could show that we understand all those moments when our users feel it very hard at reaching to the end at some of the exercises. Here is why the new functionality of skipping an exercise would help you to proceed without loosing intensity as you would start with another one as soon as you are ready to train further on. 

However, we hope, that you would skip skipping too often ;)

We've added unique and very crisp graphical images to the list of exercises. Those new images do help to grasp on a quick what's ahead of you. Get an update to see those - you will love them!

We also added a general timer:)
It's now easy to get an understanding on how many exercises you've accomplished as we've added a special progress bar to sum it up for your ease. Train with ease for your health, man! 

Oh, it's a bundle of other tweaks to designs and UI improvements which we've added to the app as well besides those mentioned above.

And last but not the least - your facebook image uploads now to the profile in the application - have a look!