What is FAS Workout application?

FAS Workout stands for Fast Associative Special Workout.

Mobile App FAS Workout is based on a system of a high-intensity training which enables effective training anywhere without wasting much time.

The system consists of workouts, both using sports equipment and without it.

What shall I do to make my trainings effective?

The main factor for achieving the best possible results should be the understanding that no one except you can make you healthy, strong, calm and confident. Also you need some space and time. All exercises are chosen based on their effectiveness and possibility to use at home.

Do I need a stretch mat for my trainings?

FAS Workout contains no exercises, performance of which is impossible without a stretch mat, so the choice is yours. In our turn we recommend you to use a stretch mat for your comfort and stability in the course of making the exercises.

Should I necessarily use a heart-rate monitor?

At any stage of training, the main thing is supervision of your health. Understanding of your condition at every exercise as you load your muscles, recover and rest, - these procedures make it possible to oversee the intensity of your workout and to determine the rate of physical exercises, and thus to receive the maximum possible effect of FAS Workout in the shortest possible time.

For detailed information on using heart-rate monitors follow the link:  www.fas-sport.com

How often should I train using the FAS Workout system?

When you start to use the FAS Workout you should understand that only systematic exercises provide quick and the highest effect which is only possible. We believe that even the busiest person could make some time to feel healthy and active. In addition you can train with the FAS Workout Application at any place and any time.

Could I use the FAS Workout App, if I feel sick?

Control of your health and fitness level, taking into account your lifestyle and injuries, shall determine the following: intensity, duration and frequency of trainings.

If your doctor’s recommendations do not forbid light workouts then you can always train making light exercises.

Can I train using one workout?

Of course! You should understand that effectiveness of such training in the long-term will be minimal, as your organism quickly adapts to the set load. Thus you should diversify and use different FAS Workouts. Our trainers will help you to select the workout based on your level of training. 

What shall I get when I pay for the workout?

With each purchased FAS workout one gets a tested exercise complex, which consists of effective dynamic and static exercises with preset periods of time for training and resting. In order to increase efficiency of your trainings FAS workouts include supersets of exercises, which have minimal preset resting periods. With new exercises one gets an ability to follow statistics of number of iterations.

What should I do, if I have a lot of exercise rounds or much time left, and I’m already tired?

The main mistake of people who train is the wish to achieve visible results as soon as possible.

 FAS Workout strongly recommends to:

- make exercises with less intensity;

- if you feel, that you can’t perform an exercise technically correct, you should take a rest and proceed with the next exercise after you restore heart rate and catch breath;

- you should make a decision about continuing your training based on your physical state.

Consistency, systematic approach and continuity of trainings under the FAS Workout system will certainly yield a result!

How many rounds should I make?

You should assess your physical state before the training yourself. We offer you to follow recommendations of our trainers. Though the available preset number of rounds in each workout should not be the reason for one’s overtraining. 

How many difficulty levels of the workouts are there at FAS App?

We have divided the workouts into three groups according to the complexity level of exercises:

a) beginner – small number of high intensity exercises allowing to prepare a newbie for further trainings in a balanced manner;

b) intermediate – high intensity exercises and superset-exercises with balanced resting periods;

c) advanced – high intensity and explosive exercises with superset-exercises and minimal rest. 

How could I understand which level of training I have?

We advise you to start from the beginner level. In case if you perform exercises technically correct for the set time and manage to restore the heart rate and catch breath during the resting period, you can pass to a higher level. Note that performing workouts of different complexity levels can make effective results.

Can i run the FAS app on both Iphone и Ipad?

Yes, you can. Download the app from AppStore and use it on your iPhone and/or iPad.

Can i play my own music in the workout?

Not now. We will add this feature in next releases.

How do i sync FAS between my Iphone и Ipad?

Just sign in with your account on both devices

Do i need on internet connection to do workout?

You absolutelly do need a strong internet connection. We recommend to use connection over Wi-Fi.

How do i use FAS workout with my TV?

We will add support for Air Play in further releases